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FindsMine Platform

Simplifies your Life through happy discoveries!

...a Lifestyle sharing platform with spotlight on one's Finds and experiences.

As part of our daily lifestyle, we have many experiences and participate in many activities;
In essence - Each of us collectively know many "Finds".
Some of our experiences and activities are productive and some are not so. And we wish to be more productive...

One way to simplify your Life  :   By knowing and learning lifestyle experiences and activities i.e. "Finds" from one another.

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Demystification of Stock Markets

A no-nonsense analysis & insights platform for understanding
stock market behavior

Helps you gain signal from noise filled and irrational
stock market behavior

Helps you with key insights to build up a supercharged portfolio through combination of stocks, ETFs & options to weather any kind of market behavior and ascend without fear

Demystifies irrational exuberance and psychological contagion of stock market behavior

At this time, It is an invite only platform
If you are interested in joining the platform, contact us at
  • info (at) progbric (dot) io

ProgBric = Prog(ress) (fa)Bric - a Tech startup


Lakshmikar is passionate about creating knowledge base platforms where people share the knowledge and ideas in multiple realms to benefit all. He co-founded ProgBric to create knowledge base platforms and technology based business solutions utilizing next-generation technology stacks/frameworks.

His software industry career spans 18+ years as a technical leader, architect and engineer. He has successful track record of building/orchestrating robust, scalable and easy to manage end-to-end software solutions in all his prior positions.

In his free time, he enjoys watching comedy shows and keeping up with industry trends. He holds Masters degree in Computer Science from University of South Alabama.

Lakshmikar Kuravi

Lakshmikar Kuravi

Co-Founder & CEO

ProgBric, Inc.

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